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strikes 05-21-2013 12:44 PM

<--- The New Guy - 2010 Honda Civic LX Sedan
Howdy, boy what a great surprise to find this website. After posting and posting on regular auto forums about improving MPG from stock and repeatedly being told "you can't increase your MPG other than just driving better and leaving your car stock" over and over, I decided to just start researching it on my own. I quickly came across Aerocivic and that lead me hear. I am very interested and excited to start modding my civic to get better MPG. I have a goal of achieving at least 50MPG on the highway. I am actively practicing hypermiling and properly maintaining my vehicle. Yesterday, I was so excited, I went and took my mudflaps off, ha. I am considering some basic adjustments first before I get into some of the more major things like a boat tail. For example, I was considering changing my rims out to the Honda Civic 2010 Hybrid rims as they are flatter and appear to get better wind resistance as they are incredibly smoother and I am positive they will be more efficient than the EX rims I have installed right now. I keep my tires a few PSI under the max as the weather in Texas is crazy and constantly changing from HOT to COLD this time of year. I have many questions and look forward to improving my car's MPG with all of you. Additionally, another goal I have, is to keep the car as stock looking or smooth looking as possible. While I LOVE the benefits of modding aerodynamics on cars, I do use my car for business and appearance is a factor, if you know what I mean.

Great to be here!

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