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wildcoyote 02-07-2017 07:13 PM

New Guy
Howdy all, I have always been a efficiency type of person. Previous vehicle contained a stand-alone computer and tuned only by me, achieved average fuel mileage of 47.5mpg with mixed daily driving. This was in a 05 MazdaSpeed MX-5 (Factory Turbo). I now am driving a 09 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT QCSB. I am around 22mpg at the moment with a Raceme Ultra. Yes, I require 4x4 and I also have the G56 6 speed. I haven't drove an automatic in 8 years, so sad they are being phased out with less efficient transmissions. I have a vast amount of automotive experience in the OEM world as an electrical/mechanical engineer. Now I am a seed salesman, hope to learn from you guys!


oil pan 4 02-07-2017 08:25 PM

That sounds pretty neat. Makes some posts about those builds.

Daox 02-07-2017 09:36 PM

Welcome to the site.

wildcoyote 02-08-2017 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by oil pan 4 (Post 533939)
That sounds pretty neat. Makes some posts about those builds.

The MSM was a 1.8L factory turbocharged Miata. I had a Hydra stand-alone, Greddy EBC, 3" turbo-back exhaust, 6 puck ceramic unsprung clutch holding onto a 8.5lb flywheel. Was an absolute blast to drive with 393hp and 387ft-lbs of torque. I didn't do much to the engine besides injectors, intake and clutch. Had a tree fall on it and decided it wasn't worth the insurance claim so decided to get another pickup (previous was a 98 Dodge Ram 3500 12V Cummins dually that achieved 28-32 mpg unloaded and fuel pump tuned by myself). Eventually, I will be making a tubular chassis and full fiberglass body to stuff the MSM drive-train components into with a goal of around 1500 lbs and a much better COD than the .36 the MSM had.

Any other questions, feel free to ask. Looking into custom tuning my pickup, but they all want an arm and a leg to get the software.


Luisa Considine 02-15-2017 05:47 AM

Hello everyone)))
How are you?
Do you like to play game??

Magician 02-16-2017 09:40 PM


Those are mighty impressive mpg's for that car. You must be pretty knowledgeable on how to drive it to squeeze that kind of mileage out of it!

Great work.

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