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alaska45 01-31-2012 04:53 AM

New Guy From NY/PA area Honda CRV 2001
Hey all.

I'm a proud (and sad) owner of Honda CRV 2001 LX auto transmission. Proud for the kind of car and sad for the it being a gas powered auto transmission. I'm interested in upping the mpg without putting increased wear on the transmission/engine to do it. I'm much more interested in running my car off a renewable fuel or some kind of crazy hybrid. Sadly I have little to no understanding of converting gasoline powered cars, a slightly better understanding of the grease car conversion. I love climbing and getting into the mountains in all seasons, but I try and ride the petal power road bike when I can.

Oh right now I'm only averaging high 23 mpg (35 fill ups). I don't accelerate aggressively, I coast into red lights and take the V out of cruise control on the hills. But i feel like I can do much better.



Daox 01-31-2012 09:02 AM

Welcome to the site.

Have you considered trading it in on something more efficient?

alaska45 01-31-2012 10:10 PM

I have but right now i do seasonal employment all around. The car is also my mobile home. I also use it for getting into the mountains all year round. I don't think its time for the trade it. The V is great.

Daox 02-01-2012 09:15 AM

Well, then I suggest taking a look at the hypermiling and mods links we have up to top to get some ideas of what you can do to improve that 23 mpg. I think its safe to say that you could be fairly easily getting in the upper 20s mileage wise with just some more adjustments to how you drive.

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