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vintageblueoval 01-06-2010 11:40 PM

New guy, old CRX
Hey guys!

Just wanted to say hello and tell you about myself, my car and my plans.

My name is Ted, I'm in Atlanta, GA and I'm a lifelong car junkie but a first time MPG-enthusiast. I'm pretty addicted to classic cars. My first car was a 65 Mustang GT and old American V8 junk has been getting me around ever since. I've built all kinds of stuff from big-block Cadillacs to lifted F100s, even a Maverick once (yikes!). My current project (other than my CRX) is a '58 Studebaker... and its pretty awesome. But alas, my true inner struggle between environmentalist and hot rodder has finally taken a turn.

I bought my CRX last June for $400. It's an '89 DX 1.5 5-spd. It hadn't moved or run in 2 years from where I bought it, and I towed it 250 miles home. The first obvious problem was badly corroded battery cables. I replaced them along with a fresh battery and she fired right up. A fresh tank of gas, some air in the tires and she netted a baseline of 28 MPG average. In late June, I dove in. Replaced the timing belt, water pump, a complete tune-up, all filters and fluids, brakes at all 4 corners, new 14" wheels and tires, new evap core and heater core, tires aligned, complete new exhaust including replacement cat, A/C charged and a new radiator and fan. This is in addition to a BUNCH of cosmetic repairs inside and out. Now I'm getting a consistent 42 MPG average. Oh yeah, no PS or power brakes.

So for 2010 I'm going to go after some MPG gains from a few small mechanical tweaks and aero mods. I'm going to start with a 195 degree thermostat, a 0w20 oil change, max tire pressure, 2 inch lowering with cheapo ebay coilovers and a new set of LRR tires. Then I'll be onto a full belly pan along with wiper, antenna and side mirror delete. Then I'm going for a shameless ripoff of Chang Ho Kim's 118 MPG HF's plexi aero/masking tape kit. It obviously works on the CRX, right? Then if I can't stop myself, I think the next thing that makes sense is an HF transmission. But my car runs so perfectly right now, I'm a little reluctant to take it apart. But who knows! Maybe I'll even drive her up to NY for next years MPG rally, Hmmm.

So that's it. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, I'm sure glad to be here.. seems like a wealth of enthusiasm and information. Count me in!


SVOboy 01-07-2010 01:59 AM

Welcome to EM, sir. Always great to have another CRXer around :thumbup:

cfg83 01-07-2010 02:43 AM

vintageblueoval -

Welcome to EM! That CRX is lucky to have you.


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