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$70 02-14-2011 02:47 PM

New guy from rural Illinois
My dad turned me on to Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines in the Ď70s. Since then Iíve considered myself a hot rodder and Iíve done most of my own car repairs since my first car. In general, as much as Iíve wanted to be part of the high performance scene, Iíve always felt like an observer. Iíve never had the budget to be able to afford the kind of custom car I have in my head. Instead I wound up driving inexpensive and practical cars that fit my budget and served my family.

Iím excited about because I can use the knowledge I have about how cars work toward a practical purpose. Also, Iím already learning new things about cars that I had never considered before. Itís like looking at my sport from the other side of the track. Also, the cars I have are perfect candidates for ecomodding.

1995 Dodge Dakota- 4cyl, 5spd manual, no AC
1996 Chevrolet Cavalier- 4cyl, auto, broken AC
2008 Kymco Agility 125- scooter

By necessity I drive at least 30 miles a day to and from work and school so I will have ample opportunity to test my results. Truly, I havenít been this excited about cars in some time! Letís see what we can do!

JasonG 02-14-2011 09:30 PM


I get to be the first to ask. What's with your username ?

$70 02-15-2011 11:31 AM

It's a symbol for my real name in US currency.
Grant is on the $50 bill.
Jackson is on the $20 bill.
$50 + $20 = $70

euromodder 02-15-2011 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by $70 (Post 220506)
It's a symbol for my real name in US currency.
Grant is on the $50 bill.
Jackson is on the $20 bill.
$50 + $20 = $70

LOL :thumbup:

Angmaar 02-15-2011 05:15 PM

Welcome to the forum!
4 cylinders are great for FE compared to their V6 brothers.

JRMichler 03-01-2011 09:04 PM

I sold a 4 cyl 5 spd 2WD bright red Dakota with a red aluminum topper when I bought my 06 Canyon. I averaged 25 MPG in the summer in that truck, lower in the winter. No hypermiling, 57 MPH in 55 limit, used brakes for speed limit changes, maintained speed in rolling hills instead of DWL, tires at placard pressure. If I still had it, I would expect 29 to 30 MPG in the summer.

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