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Chazmon3 04-28-2010 09:38 PM

New guy w/background OK... an old guy!
Hi Everyone!
I have been reading your posts for a few days and finally joined since there is a lot of great info and exchange. So far the only true eco friendly vehicle I have is an old Ford van that is propane powered. I am also a Saab enthusiast. They are pretty good cars that are reasonably efficient and very powerful, but I am seeking more on the green front!
I am near retirement and have much experience in automotive, electronics, machine shop, etc. I am very attracted to propane powered vehicles and believe this is something that should be pushed since it is a non-foreign fuel, clean, and easily set up to distribute with no major changes in infrastructure. But the electric vehicles keep hounding me and will probably have to make one of those sometime (so there goes a few years). But anyway on the electric car I certainly would bend toward 3 phase. So I will be offering some input and certainly will be asking some questions in the near future.
Thanks to all of you for being here! I can see this is where great things begin.

Frank Lee 04-28-2010 09:52 PM

You're not the only geezer here

Someone here has a propane Tempo.

gone-ot 04-29-2010 09:49 AM

...there are quite a few of us automotive geezers here.

Chazmon3 04-29-2010 10:47 AM

geezers & 3 phase
Yes its good that there are some of us on here. Many geezers are really hip. I still love fast cars and my Eco-friendly cars will need to be able to pass some fuel sucking monsters on the road as a statement if nothing else. But the fuel savings is really my first priory.

I am at the point where things are being considered about an electric car. So far everything I have seen on 3 phase power supplies go with the higher voltage, like about 300 or more. Also the companies that sell the parts for them usually put the schematics up to that voltage range. Why?
From what I have learned through the years, is that the reason to raise voltage was to be able to transport electricity in smaller wires. I have also noticed that magnetism works great at low voltage so why not have 3 phase power at a more reasonable lower voltage for use in an ev where the wiring isn't of great length? I also realize that those voltages are easy to accomplish with lithium batteries but don't think those batteries are really that eco friendly.

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