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BongoBennie 10-17-2011 12:13 AM

new Honda guy here
Bennie fron Vegas here.

I currently drive a 2004 Civic Si with TSX 2.4 swap, custom 6 speed ( with super over drive 6th) KPro, and a new scanguage... In the driveway sits a new to me, 87 CRX dx, straight body and blown engine, next to it sits my complete VX swap, waiting to go in, turbocharging in the future as well. My goal is 80mpg at 80mph for my daily commute.

brucepick 10-17-2011 12:37 PM

Definitely looks interesting.

Think about joining Team Honda!
EcoModder Team Competition

Take a look at an MPGuino fuel economy gauge. MGuino sub forum
Especially needed for a VX engine with lean burn capability. It measures FI pulses directly at an injector. ScanGauge instead assumes stoich, and then derives an interpreted fuel qty from the air flow sensor data, and the computer's open/closed loop status. So a VX or HX with a variable air fuel ratio (or any engine with do-it-yourself fuel mapping) will not get a correct fuel qty measurement on a ScanGauge.

I still use my SG for other data that it gives very well. System voltage, coolant temp, throttle position, and lean burn status. Sometimes I'll use it for other data as needed.

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