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MetroRob 01-03-2010 07:25 PM

New (to me) Chevy Metro
Hello all,

This is my first post here. I am new to the whole ecodriving thing. I just bought a 2000 Chevy metro 3 cylinder 5 speed. I just filled up the tank for the first time and I only got 38mpg out of it, but that was mostly city driving, and it's been cold here for the past 2 weeks. Does this figure sound out of line?
I am going to try to figure out how to start a MPG log now. If you guys want pictures of the car I have some.


alohaspirit 01-03-2010 08:04 PM


A metro 3cyl 5spd is one of the best ways to get excellent mpg

38mpg driving around a cold city sounds reasonable to me

click on GARAGE up top to set up your car/gas log

and post some pics!

rgathright 01-04-2010 10:59 AM

Welcome to the forums!

We have found that winter gas mileage is always lower. 38MPG is still very good!:thumbup:

thatguitarguy 01-04-2010 12:01 PM

YMMV - Your mileage may vary.

It's very much about how you drive as it is what you drive.

You could climb into MetroMPG's car and get less than 40mpg, while he could climb into your "new to you" car and get better than 50mpg.

There are no absolutes or guarantees, but you've got a good starting point, and some learnin' to do.

SentraSE-R 01-04-2010 12:54 PM

Welcome Rob,

As the others said, a lot depends on how you drive, and your driving conditions. If you're driving <5 miles most trips, 38 mpg isn't bad. If your trips are 20 miles, I'd expect to be getting mid 40s to 50 mpg from your Metro in the Winter.

Start with the basics. Inflate your tires to maximum sidewall pressure, and keep your speeds at or below the speed limit. Anticipate stops, and coast to them. Accelerate moderately. Keep a fuel log, and buy a ScanGauge.

Domman56 01-04-2010 01:48 PM

Congrats man I don't have it in me to drive a metro i'd need a turbo or something

But yeah that mileage seems pretty accurate for the cold condition and being in the city

MadisonMPG 01-04-2010 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by Domman56 (Post 151890)
Congrats man I don't have it in me to drive a metro i'd need a turbo or something

I loled at you for that statement.

Bicycle Bob 01-04-2010 05:53 PM

Using a block heater can help.

Domman56 01-04-2010 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by MadisonMPG (Post 151916)
I loled at you for that statement.

Haha i'm all for economy but i wanna know that when i want to open up the tabs on my car that it responds the way i'd like it too

SentraSE-R 01-04-2010 10:08 PM

LOL. You don't think my econobox SE-R with half your displacement won't beat your El Camino? In a race or in a fuel economy challenge?:) If it does, I'll have to think harder about a Mazdaspeed 3, STI, or Evo.

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