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TheEquineFencer 08-12-2020 01:51 PM

New Member in Farmville,NC, USA. 27828
HI Guys. I was an "old school" drag racer back in my younger days. The First 1/2 my life I spent working as a heavy truck mechanic, then switched to working on generators. Right now I'm working as a Solar Tech for Duke Energy Renewables.

My first Geo was a '92 vert I drove until the metal-mites ate enough it was time to retire it. While I was still driving it I bought a '95 "project car" that's sat for years. Then I bought the '95 that I'm driving at present. I also have since bought three other "projects", a 2dr pre '95 3/3, and 2, 4drs. a 3/3 and a 3/5. All need engine work.

I have a few "goodies" left over from the Vert, front windshield,less than 50K on it, front rotors and calipers with less than 5K ,miles on them and the door glass seals that are in pretty good shape and a few other small items I need to get rid of.

I have a real man cave here at the farm equipped with a 9x42 BP mill and a 13 inch metal lathe, ALSO every kind of welder to weld about anything you want, MIG, TIG, SMAG O&A and a plasma cutter. I also have hydraulic #2 Hossfeld Bender with a few dies. 1-3/4 tubing for cages and 1 inch tubing square and round dies.

I'm always available to help folks. I pretty decent at electrical troubleshooting "things."

I'm always open to sell things, but prefer to barter for them.

MetroMPG 08-12-2020 01:57 PM

Welcome to the forum!

Rust kills Metros in NC too? Wet carpets?

I would say Metro hoarders are becoming more rare as the cars get older and the fleet dwindles.

I still have three:

1) '91 vert 3/5, floors need welding;

2) minty '98 Firefly 3/5 with ~25k miles;

3) winter beater '00 Metro 3/5)

But I'm constantly toying with the idea of divesting the fleet now that Mirages have arrived in my price range.

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