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lama 11-12-2011 01:27 PM

New member from Greece!Mini Cooper S!
Hello there!I am Lambros from Greece!Joined the site after a google search for improvement in FE!Found the remarkable diffuser a member made,for a Mini Cooper S,from coroplast,and that was the main reason I joined!Cannot give you a mpg,cause in Greece we measure it in lt/100km,and my Mini is rather thirsty,making a 9,5lt/100km,in the city,driving it like a cab,and a 6,5-7lt in the highway driving it relatively gently!
Looking for ways to make it...more economic!:D

euromodder 11-12-2011 01:59 PM

Welcome to ecomodder.

You can easily convert between L/100km and mpg by using some online conversion tools like
Online Conversion - Fuel Consumption Conversion
(They offer many other conversions in the pull-down menu on the richt side.)

The online fuel consumption / car costs logging website MPG and Cost Calculator and Tracker - also allows conversion between L/100km and MPG of the fuel logs.

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