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69-300 08-31-2010 11:25 AM

New Mercedes Project
Hello again Eco Modders. I spent the spring looking for something I could take customers in and modify specifically for urban rush hour driving. I picked up a 1985 Mercedes 300sd with a 9/10 body but electrical and suspension problems. Spent 2 months getting it on the road and installed a digital boost gauge and 44psi tires. Running Royal Purple (did 2 oil changes back to back to clear out the old oil), Lubromoly diesel purge and changed out the injectors to Bosio injectors...So far so good...investigating variable waste gates so I can wind down the boost....would also like to kill 1 or 2 cylinders as desired....looking forward to the fun


Domman56 09-01-2010 01:28 PM

little confused here:confused:

We have an older 300D and it's eco tuned by our mechanic and the only things we did were run a cheap intake from EBAY and run a straight pipe exhaust both of which raised the boost and it runs more efficient with higher boost as long as you can keep your foot out of it turbos usually run more efficiently at higher boost

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