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ik04 05-19-2019 08:05 PM

New Project: TDI Passat DSG to six-speed manual!
I love my 2014 Passat DTI SEL and want to keep it for a long time!

Unfortunately, the turbo grenaded a few months ago, but I replaced it along with the oil pump. Dealer did the work and it was all good until the dual-mass flywheel grenaded a few weeks ago.

Here's the good part of the story: The six-speed manual bolts into the TDI with only a few extra parts, all of which are available in large numbers from wrecked cars.

I'll need the flywheel, clutch, trans mount, starter, driveshafts and shift linkage as well as the pedal assembly. Every one of these parts will bolt right in with no modifications to the frame or body. Cool!

There is an excellent speed shop nearby that can handle the reprogrammimg of the ECU and the TCU delete, so that will be the only custom work needed.

The final drives (there are two!) are slightly higher gears, so low RPM, high fuel economy cruising is a sure thing!

I can't wait to get this done and end up with a unique cars and get back to 1,000 miles per tank...

Piotrsko 05-20-2019 10:08 AM

Fwiw, you dont want a dual mass flywheel, an aftermarket one is reported to be less troublesome.

Not a lot of handshaker out there to choose from, and based on my experiences, getting a whole rear ended car from the wrecker is cheaper and way easier for the swap.

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