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Norb 07-27-2017 01:33 AM

New from Toronto
I'm new here. I have been using my dad's old honda city for the past 2 years. Now that I got a stable income and my own family has started to grow in members, I am seriously in thought of having a new vehicle.
I am not a big fan of fast cars or anything. I would like to have a car in which we could take my Jr. also with us safely, to our visits to friends and family and outings.
I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on a fuel-efficient car or mini suv for our family.
Thanks everyone for hearing me out. And thanks admins for accepting me in.

JockoT 07-27-2017 02:05 AM

Welcome. If you were happy with the Honda, why not have a look at their range and what they have to offer. They produce something for everyone.
I have no connection to Honda. Just an enthusiastic owner.

Daox 07-27-2017 09:42 AM

Welcome to the site Norb.

There are a ton of vehicles which could suite your needs. Perhaps you can better explain what you'd like in the vehicle, the amount you're willing to spend, your MPG goals, etc.

Fat Charlie 07-27-2017 12:10 PM

Welcome to the site!

Your question is a little too open ended. Basically, every car company knows how to build good, safe, efficient cars. Decide what you want the car for, and weed out models as you go.

We've got two kids, long commutes, a camper and rough winters. So we've got a Fit and a minivan. I'm happy with both.

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