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Christ 04-13-2009 10:30 PM

New wheels and tires!
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I bought a set of 17" wheels awhile back, assuming that my van, like just about every other 3rd gen Caravan, was 5x114.3. It's not. It's like the only one in existence that uses the 5x100 pattern.

Later, I bought another set of wheels, which, I might add, actually look great on my van. They're TSW R-Evo, and they have 225/50VR17 Michelin tires on them. The tires retail $240 each, I bought all four with 9/32 for $150. The rims, I bought 5 of them for $90 total. Mounting and balancing, I took them to Wally World (a mistake) and paid $40.

Idiot gouged the back of 2 wheels, gave me guff when I said something about it, and the manager gave me 4 new (discontinued, Douglas brand)tires to cover the damages. They're a different size, but that's never bothered me.

Anyway - here's Cara with her new shoes:

I hope they don't negatively impact FE... I really like them, and would hate to get rid of them simply because they yield less fuel efficiency for me.

As much as I like them though, I'd still gladly trade them for a set of SRT-4 wheels, or even some super-light racing wheels.

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