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fredkt 07-19-2010 03:53 AM

Newbee ScangaugeII/MPGuino HELLLP!!!
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Hello all,

I am new comer to the forum from Finland. :) I replaced my OEM car radio which also shows the fuel consumption and temperature with a new Double DIN DVD version I bought. I lost the fuel consumption readings, so I wanted to get the fuel info by other means.

I got my ScanguageII a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, it did not work. It said "connecting..." and never connected. I have tried to force the different CAN-BUS standards to no avail. My car is Toyota Corolla 2003, Diesel 2.0 liter, D4D Model.

I tried the Scangauge on my wifes 2007 Nissan Primera and it worked without any problems. I visited my local Toyota Dealer and he plugged his OBD diagnostis device in my car. It worked with EOBD standard at the dealer and we tried the Scanguage with forced ISO, which of course did not work.

I thought Scanguage was EOBD compliant... I need your adivice. I have read here about MPGuino. I have quite good skills with Arduino. I have the attached picture as the connector to my OEM radio.

Do you think I have all the connectors to use the MPGuino? In addition to the fuel info on MPGuino, do you think I can show the Temperature information somehow? I think the temperature sensor is some kind of thermistor.

All help will be greatly appreciated!!! Nice to meet you .... wonderful people :D.

-FredkT, Helsinki-

Laurentiu 07-19-2010 06:09 AM

sorry, no solution but just wanted to say WELCOME !!

fredkt 07-19-2010 06:30 AM

Than you Laurentiu :).

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