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PhilA 10-02-2010 12:56 AM

Newbie with a non-runner
Hallo all

Not new to trying to save a bit of fuel (that comes from my father and the price of fuel in the UK) across pretty much every vehicle I have owned.

I've a fairly chequered history of vehicles, from ones designed for good fuel economy, and uh, ones that aren't :)

Best car: 1996 Fiat Cinquecento. 900cc inline-4, Magneti-Marelli fuel injection and electronic ignition. Used to average about 55-60 miles per UK gallon. Best I had on a long trip was 104mpg, keeping about 50mph over a 210 mile round trip. Quite proud to have broken the 100mpg mark with it.

Worst: Tied between my current vehicle (2006 Chevy Silverado 5.3, avg 16mpg) and my '71 Vauxhall Victor which, with a Rover 3.5 V8 would average 15-20mpg, with an absolute best of 33mpg on a long run... I think the fuel unburned by that engine was about what the Fiat would use to run at the same speed. :D

Currently rebuilding a 1987 AMC GTA (Basically a Renault 9) which was purchased because I wanted a) a project b) something more economical than the Silverado (not hard) and c) something a bit more exciting and rewarding to drive.
It was cheap, has no corrosion, the mechanical side of it was all fubar as it had suffered fairly massive internal engine failure due to a broken cambelt.

It's currently running again, but awaiting money to put into it to buy some more parts. Like driveshafts. It's on three wheels right now. I can at least start it and.. make noise. That's about it for now.
EPA figures from back in 87 are (I think) 33/24 which is an improvement on 12/17 on the window docket from my Silverado.

I'm rebuilding the stock injection/ignition system, which is proving to be an enjoyable challenge. It's a fairly complex, clever system given its age.

Hoping to improve on my fuel costs in something not-so-new :)

Y'all have a good day now, y'hear?


Daox 10-02-2010 10:53 AM

Welcome to the site Phil. Do you have any pictures of the GTA? I'm not familiar with the car.

PhilA 10-02-2010 03:28 PM

I do, but I am yet so new that the forum won't let me post links or images.

Once I've reached that threshold (with the amount I talk, shouldn't be long) I shall post up some pictures.

I need to dig up the correct factory specs for the vehicle too.


PhilA 10-02-2010 03:36 PM

1987 AMC GTA.

This is the day I got the car home.

Couldn't beat the fuel economy on that trip- got towed home by the guy who sold it to me for nothing ;)

Body design from schools such as Volvo, apartment building design and cinderblock factory automation.

Despite appearances it has a Cd of 0.36

2.0 litre gasoline engine. Four cylinders, 8 valves single-overhead-cam.
97 horsepower (sae), 133 lb-ft torque.

EPA reckoning new 33 hwy, 26 city.


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