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Treeview 05-07-2012 10:04 PM

Newbie who drives a brick!

I've lurked and read threads for a while. Now its time to uncloak.

Hypermiling isn't a new thing to me...getting good mileage out of the practical vehicles I drive is. During the mid-70's energy 'crisis' I installed a large vacuum gauge in my '66 F250 pickup. That taught me how to accelerate slowly to maximize engine efficiency. I read what that good a driving model is to drive like you don't have breaks. Simple.

Over the years I've had to drive boxes because of my work as an arborist. Having vans and pickups also makes them easy for camping. Now, I have an '89 Toyota that started life as a Uhaul box. It looks like this---[edit---I have to make 5 posts before I can add a link...pffft!] Well...if you want to see what it looks like Google 'Toyota Uhaul' and go to 'Images'

Terrible aerodynamics! I'm thinking of many streamlining ideas but I don't have a clue what has been tried. Closing the air gaps between the cab and the box in front seems like a good place to start. Adding an angled face to the box too. But...would it be a flat piece from the top of the windshield up to the top, leading edge, of the box...of maybe one with a curve???

The back used to have a rollup door but i removed it and framed in a plywood wall. An RV door will be on the right and window on the left. This is temporary. An idea is to make a longer whale tail extension like I'm seeing on some semi trailers. Taper the sides and top...I dunno???

Any suggestions? Oh...and no, I'm not going to get a different vehicle. This was economical to buy and the camper conversion is already going on :)


larrybuck 05-08-2012 12:16 AM

If somehow you could extend the rear of your camper to the angles shown, you'd be miles ahead; a little play on words.

Welcome! In your situation, I might have looked for the mid 80's Toyota van which could probably get near 40mpg stock if driven correctly.

Treeview 05-08-2012 12:42 AM

Hey Larry,

Nice tail there!

I got the truck to make into a camper that I can stand up and walk around in. I've got a GMC Safari but its too dang small. Nice vehicle though.


euromodder 05-08-2012 12:49 PM

Toyota Uhaul truck :

What you could do to it :

- remove the mudflaps
- put an airdam under its nose
- fill in the gaps between the cab and the box in a way that leads the air towards the rounded corners (U-Haul did you a favor by already rounding the corners of their box).
- put a wheel cap on the rear wheelshubs, or cover the entire wheel arc
- at the rear : extend the sides & top and taper them inward - it'll make an instant porch / shelter at the rear of the camper conversion.
- wind deflectors in front of the rear tyres
- sideskirts along the lower sides
- clean up the underside with a belly pan.

Treeview 05-08-2012 01:23 PM

You confirmed what I've planned already.

Duct tape covers the holes in the front wheels and some
Of the holes in the grill. I'll do more as time permits.

I'm going to add a whale tail out back too. That will give me more camper room was well as make my ToyBox more slippery.

I've already read some build threads here about tails on boxes.


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