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Absinthminded 09-18-2012 11:07 PM

NFG, Michigan
Hey guys and gal. I'm the proud owner of a super sick, dope, flyass 98 Toyota Camry and yes...Its panty dropper forest green!
*edited pics out beause I don't have 5 posts yet*:confused:

2.2 liter slushbox. 201,000mi on the clock. I do regular oil changes but Its time for new struts, O2s, and some other odds and ends.
I drove her to Chicago last Friday and got 31mpg on the way there driving miss daisy and 32 on the way back 75/80mpg. Seems strange.
I plan on doing maintenance first and then an allignment. Next, smooth out the front, maybe some moon eyes and an air dam with skirts. I don't want to go too areo mod crazy. Of course I don't want to mess up the shear sexyness of the original design. I might do a budget CAI and a volo. It would be sweet to hit 40mpg...I havent read enough to know if thats dreaming or not. I commute 50 to 65miles a day. HI

MetroMPG 09-19-2012 09:30 AM

Does the car have a fuel economy gauge? Making each trip a game to beat your high score is always one of the first steps to squeezing more out of each tank. The quickest & biggest gains come from adjusting your driving style with instant feedback.

High speed is one of the biggest things working against you, but I'm sure you know that already. See:

FYI: here's what others are accomplishing with their 4-cylinder Camrys: EcoModder Fleet list -

And I wouldn't read too much into the MPG of that return trip vs. the trip out. Many variables could have significantly skewed the results (eg: headwind in one direction, tailwind in the other; traffic density).

Welcome to the forum!

Gealii 09-19-2012 09:35 AM

40 mpg is quite reasonable if you are already getting 31 other members on here that were getting 28 b4 they started new driving styles or mods and now have reached 40s in their auto trans

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