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kafer65 03-22-2013 10:03 AM

Nice 10% improvement in a TDI!
Spring break travel we usually take the bigger vehicle but this time we took the 06 Jetta TDI. It usually gets about 38mpg on winter fuel 60% city, but I've been seeing 40mpg with a partial grill block and gradual reapplication of some hypermiling and a better source of fuel.
Loaded with the family and luggage I burned 1/2 tank going and coming mostly on the highway and racked 450 miles. I wanted to try P&G on highway and was surprised at how far I could go starting from 70-75mph. Its mountainous here and the elevation change was maybe in the 1500 foot range. Lots of pulsing up hills and gliding down while distance drafting big rigs and anything with a big footprint (Navagators, Escalades, utility trucks).
I'm running 41psi on all tires and I also paid close attention to exhaust gas temps. I tried to keep temps under 800F at all times and as much as I could below 600 on accelerations and climbs without irritating traffic which was substantial. This was forcing me to early shift and I settle at keeping rpms between 1200rpm and 1500 unless I was up to cruising which has me at around 2400rpm at 70ish. I only used air conditioning on downhill decelerations on the way home when it got warmer or I needed defrosting windows.
The last 1/3 of the tank was 100% city/suburb commuting 20mile round trips to work using the same technics and anticipating lights and traffic. Bingo! I managed 44.17mpg, my personal best with this car. I fill to the brim everytime, so it should be pretty accurate hand calc. I'm pretty stoked!

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