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CAMOGIRL 04-09-2011 01:55 PM

I'm Alicia and I'm totally new to any of this. I'm here probably like many who are terrified of the cost of fuel. I drive a stock 2003 Pontiac Vibe which I chose for the amount of versatility per square mpg. I also have a 5 speed S-dime which I feel is a prime candidate for mega mpg.
I'm looking to get the most mpg without going too crazy on the Vibe as its my daily driver and I have different mod plans for it. The pickup is a different story.

Looking forward to reading participating and learning!

euromodder 04-09-2011 02:23 PM

Welcome to ecomodder .

As always, the best start is to read the list of hypermiling tricks :
100+ Hypermiling / ecodriving tips & tactics for better mpg -

and read up a bit about them in the appropriate forum.
Take a few of the tricks you feel comfortable with, and try them out on the street. When they've become a new habit, revisit the list and pick up a few more tricks.
This is very much a hands-on forum ;)

You've already done trick
6) Join a fuel economy forum

Another tip is to start a fuel / modifications log and maintain it rigorously.

If you have a manual transmission car, coasting (even with the engine on) is something you should really try out.

Then there's the list of possible modifications to be done to the car
65+ Vehicle modifications for better fuel economy -

The most common mods are increasing the tyre pressure, and fitting a grille block (can be done from the inside if you want to keep a clean look) and air dam.

The mods done range from mild, to wild - just search for AeroCivic ;)
You can go as far as you're willing to go, but it's always tempting to go a bit further.

mcrews 04-10-2011 02:44 AM

If you have tires coming due, think about increasing the diameter a bit. THis will lower the final rpm when cruising thus give you better mpg.
For example: I run 255/45/18 on stock rims. The fctory size was 245. both tires weigh the same so It was a net gain by lowering the final rpm. I am on the road so every litlle bit helps.
Have to get a scangauge or some sfter market device that keeps you focused on mpg. Really makes a difference. My car has a factory mpg screen and i would useit. But having hte scangauge takes it to the next level.

CAMOGIRL 04-10-2011 09:30 AM

Thanks for the great info! I have read through the hypermiling tips and think some of them are a good place to start. I also think this summer I'll invest in a monitor. Right now I play the game with the fuel guage. I know how many miles are average now for each section of the guage, for instance on an average tank it takes 250 miles until about 3/4 for my average week with town and highway driving. I always try to get a few more than usual. I've gotten a 37mpg with this game and watching my foot. It was an entirely highway tank.
The biggest reason I'm looking into better mileage is that I'll be making daily 60 mile round trips for school. The first goal I am sering with that is only one trip to the station per week.

gone-ot 04-10-2011 01:01 PM

...first, "Welcome aboard."

...I know going to school can be costly, but consider getting a ScanGaugeII™--either used or new--to keep you advised of your MPG numbers in realtime, as you drive.'ll be surprised at how much you can improve your MPG numbers by simply "driving by the numbers."

...we have two Vibes, both 4-speed automatics: a 2004 1.8L for my wife and a 2009 1.8L that I drive.

P.S.--if you go into the "garage" thread and type VIBE in the "Model:" box, you'll get a listing of all the posters here who have Vibe cars.

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