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jousai7 05-06-2012 03:59 PM

Not new, Just returned. Never introduced
Hey everyone! Lurked here for several years on and off. It all started with the purchase of a 99 civic hb with a 5 mt. Enjoyed going from a 01 cherokee to 36-40 mpg. Bought a 2009 honda Fit and got myself a scan guage. Saw anywhere from 52mpg(super trying) and averaged around 40-42. Replaced this vehicle with a 2011 Honda Fit and did the same. Both to new to want to do any crazy modding. I did tape of the 2011 front, seams, and rear wheels for a week and liked how my numbers looked. But now im stepping it up. just bought a 2002 Saturn SL with 106k so I dont kill my Fit. I drive 150 miles a day on average. Since its an old base model im going to do some modding. Only done two fill ups at 42.6 and 44.7. My goal is to consistently break 50mpg. I do the DC commute every day. But I think I can achieve it. The woman even doesnt mind, shes actually upset she doesn't get to use the scangauge any more. Had her even doing 38-40mpg in the Fit. Ill probably start a thread soon once I can get the time. You guys have helped me out tons in the past and this has been by far my favorite forum. I spend alot of time on Honda tech(89 civic si b16 turbo being built) and I like the additude here MUCH better. And yeah I enjoy driving styles of all kind. Guess I like to max out what ever my purpose for being in the car is.

Once again thanks guys for all your previous help and look forward to starting a thread!

brucepick 05-06-2012 04:13 PM

Good to see you.

I'm going to pm you re. an issue with my '97 Civic, same generation as the '99 you had.

Good luck with the Saturn! I can see your future - - - a 2nd ScanGauge for the Saturn, belly pan, engine kill switch, maybe flat wheel covers, maybe a Kamm back sorta like this one. This actually can be even longer without intruding on the view through the defrost grid area.

jousai7 05-07-2012 01:05 PM

Yeah, PM sent. Hope it helps.

Planned future mods are: kill switch, front air dam, WAI, flat wheel covers, grill block, antenna delete, passenger mirror delete, and eventually a belly pan. I'd loveto do a kammback(sp?) but I have to keep the car looking stock-ish due it being a field service vehicle.

larrybuck 05-08-2012 01:00 AM

Welcome back! It's nice to have an older car you can play, and experiment on.

That's where alot of fun can be found.

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