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Formula413 07-30-2008 07:11 PM

Oil change guys under-inflated my tires
I brought my car in for an oil change last week (yes, I can change my own oil, more on that later) and ever since I had been noticing that my mileage was off about 1.5 mpg. My mileage on my commute to work is fairly consistent, so I noticed it right away. Then I remembered seeing the guy putting air in the tires, so i check the pressure, sure enough, they ranged from 27-30 (sticker calls for 32). Fixed it before I left work today, and the mileage is back. :cool: At least I know I'm paying attention.

And yes, I can change my own oil, but. On my Escort the filter is between the block and the firewall and it is nearly impossible to remove without spilling oil, no matter how big a drain pan I use. I live at an apartment building so the only place I have to work on cars is at my parent's house in the driveway. My mom already got po'd at me for spilling oil once, I don't want to lose the use of my "garage". So I hunt around for one of the repair chains running a special for like $20 or so. The oil and filter cost about $11 anyway. I go to a repair place rather than a quick lube so at least a real mechanic is working on the car. I always change my own oil on the Firebird, which is a lot easier to work on.

ankit 07-30-2008 08:29 PM

It's great taht you caught that so quickly, I don't think I would have unless the ride was uncomfortable.

Wow ford really made it nearly impossible for you eh? I like how my filter is right behind my wheel, don't even have to jack car up or anything.

BTW-I Like your sig.

cfg83 07-30-2008 09:02 PM

Formula413 -

Yeah, I have to check my tires after I have my car serviced. Sometimes I ask them to leave the tires alone. When I have my tires rotated, I deflate them to 45 or 40 (rated at 51) to avoid a lecture. Then I pump them back up.


DoctorP82 07-30-2008 09:47 PM

I had my tires inflated about 40-41 until a recent oil change, and looking at the receipt noticed my tires were deflated to 30 psi. There was a noticeable difference in the driving by means of surface drag I could pick up on (eg - rapid decelerating when doing pulse and glide).

Curious question though, what is max inflation tire rating many of you have on your tires? For me it is 44 psi max, and I try to stay around 41.

Johnny Mullet 07-30-2008 10:16 PM

I do oil changes daily at my shop. I always put what the car manufacturer recommends which is noted on the door sticker. I always thought that I could help people save fuel by pumping them up to max, but it is my duty to make sure I performed my job correctly. Most of the oil changes that are not regulars have under-inflated tires 99% of the time anyway.

jakemacd 07-31-2008 12:49 PM

oil changed yesterday
Yeah! I just got my oil changed yesterday. I've just recently pumped my 44 psi max tires up to 41 psi (and I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable can tell DotorP82 and me if this is good or can we go more). I was just glancing at the invoice telling me all of the things they "checked". There it was, right down near the bottom in black and white, both front and back tires measured at 30 psi. Hmmmm. The guy didn't mention anything to me when he handed me the keys expect for "...everything looks good and I reset your oil change gauge for you." ( I hope he wasn't looking for a tip.) With my little 12v pump it took a lot of time to pack another 10 psi into those babies so now I'm hoping he cut some corners. Whew! As it turns out, they were all still sitting at the 41 psi. I'm ready to go higher if that is generally understood to be better and still safe. Anybody? :confused:

MazdaMatt 07-31-2008 01:16 PM

I HATE handing my keys to a mechanic. It has only ever happened once for a timing belt change. Now my car ticks and the valve cover is missing a screw.... wait, i just put 2 and 2 together... i hope there isn't a screw in my valvetrain...

A friend of mine is a mechanic. Her brother was changing his brake pads in the driveway and asked "what do I have to torque my tires to?" she said "Just put them all to 115" and looked me and said "he is so dumb when it comes to cars". I said "115 seems a little high, mine are only 85 spec"... "yeah, we just put them all to 115 at the shop."

Never trust mechanics because they are certified. Trust them when you know they do a good job. She'll never be putting my tires on my car.

jakemacd 07-31-2008 01:35 PM

lug nut torque
:eek: So that's why everytime I have to remove a wheel after I've had my tires rotated in a shop I've got to break out my steel pipe tire iron extender!

MazdaMatt 07-31-2008 01:38 PM

Often they just hammer on them for a while with the impact gun. "That'll hold em on there good"... yeah, and strip my studs, too.

i_am_socket 07-31-2008 01:39 PM

When I got new tires recently, they inflated them all to ~30 psi. Car's tag says 32, tire's max is 51. I suppose it's an insurance thing where if anything blew out they could sue the garage for "unsafe over-inflation of tires." Mine are at 40 now, but I'll probably take them up to 45 soon.

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