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aerostealth 09-17-2015 08:43 PM

One Year Fuel Economy
Our 2014 Ford F-150 4x4 Eco Boost P.U. is one year old today. So we filled up to get a one year fuel total number. The numbers in the fuel logs do not agree with the odometer total so there is some discrepancy which came from the miles on the truck when we bought it and fueling by the dealer which I do not have numbers for.

We got the truck on Sept 17th, 2014 with 117 miles on it started out with a full tank from the dealer. As of today we have 18,375.2 miles on the truck but I only have fuel totals for 18,089.4 which is a 285.8 mile discrepancy.

For the 18,089.4 miles we used 1,046.54 gallons of fuel for a composite average of 17.28 mpg. If we remove the 595.7 miles we drove towing our Apex trailer using 49.25 gallons of gas we get 17,393.7 miles using 997.29 gallons of gas for a composite average of 17.54 mpg.

If we remove the truck naked data we get 13,972.4 miles driven with aerodynamic appliances of various types using 790.78 gallons of gasoline for a composite average of 17.669 mpg.

We have in the fuel log a Ford Stealth with Stinger (boat tail) which was primarily highway mileage of 2,889.7 miles using 152.35 gallons for 18.967 mpg.

aerostealth 09-18-2015 01:48 PM

Posted from the fuel logs I have the following for one year of data.

1: TRUCK NAKED, 17.0514 mpg, 3,521.3 miles, using 206.51 gallons.

2: TRUCK with AEROLID, 17.3368 mpg, 9,448.6 miles, using 545 gallons.

3: AEROLID with STINGER, 18.9675 mpg, 2,889.7 miles, using 152.35 gallons.

4: TRUCK with G-4 BED COVER, 17.5069 mpg, 1,634.1 miles, using 93.34 gallons.

5: TRUCK TOWING APEX T.T., 12.0954 mpg, 595.7 miles, using 49.25 gallons.

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