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jakobnev 06-19-2020 02:42 PM

Online tool for elevation profile
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I found it here:

HeyWhatsThat Path Profiler

I made one for my old commute:

Now I understand how i could get to work with 0.27L of gas but never got under 0.39L on the way back. (of course to get those values, every star in the Universe had to be aligned just right)

Best round trip ever was 0.28L+0.39L=0.66L which over the real distance of 17.4km makes 3.79L/100km or 62MPG.

D.O.G. 06-20-2020 09:51 AM

I made one for my commute.:)


My commute is pretty uneven as well, about 4.3 l/100km to work and around 6.4 l/100km return (as reported by the over enthusiastic dash computer).

You need to be aware that this profile is based on ground level, not road level.
It ignores all the cuttings and bridges that the Highway uses.
Still interesting as a rough approximation though.:thumbup:

ptitviet 06-23-2020 04:33 AM

Yeah nice tool! I also use one similar, but only available for Switzerland. This website can also be used for choosing a right site for coastdown testing :)

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