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wally 07-26-2008 10:28 AM

Oops 2nd Post. 2007 Aveo 18K automtc
Already posted a question here under DIY. I'm gettin 24-26 mpg with a 5 mile drive from Stottville, NY to 3rd Street, Hudson, NY.

Just looking for ways to get it close to my dead 5 - speed man sentra 2001. It got 30-32 mpg.

I wish i was a greaser like my dad was, but I am lookin for improvements that are cost effective!

The Nissian died right in the ford dealership. I told them if they put power windows/locks and a av/input stereo I'd buy it for 95k.

I feel like I shoulda waited, but its cute with the tires shined up and the other day a kid said ""Mommy, mommy, I want a red car like that!!!, people comment what a neat car it is and they love that aveo red ...

SVOboy 07-26-2008 12:09 PM

Welcome to ecomodder! I know you said five miles, but is that all town-type driving? Do you have a scangauge / mpguino yet?

wally 07-26-2008 12:20 PM

yes it is. so I know I shouldn't complain that much...can a guy like me install one of those things? I wish I could afford the KIWI when it comes out

SVOboy 07-26-2008 12:31 PM

The scangauge is an easy install, just plug it in. The mpguino is a bit harder but doable I think (i've done it!). But yeah, the kiwi is nice too. :)

homeworkhome53 07-26-2008 04:06 PM

"...can a guy like me install one of those things? " Look under the dash along the steering column, there is the conection, plug into it. Answer the prompts. That's it, you're in business. It helped me, but I think the manual trans is part of it.


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