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artc 06-04-2014 10:26 AM

Open Revolt Sepex
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I see a switching time of 3us used often on the list for the standard MOSFET Open Revolt.

Is that number accurate? It seems a little slow. A quick R/C calculation suggests a number closer to 1us. Does anyone have an accurate measured value?

I think I'm giving up on a passive (R/C) shoot-through prevention in favor of a software solution. Since the controller already uses phase-corrected PWM this should be easy enough and more flexible but it would be good to start with an accurate switching number.

Sorry, don't know why the image didn't make it when I first posted. It's attached now. The daughter board plugs into the processor socket, U6 and one of the caps (for 12V). The crystal moves to the daughter board so that it's not in the way of the new board.

MPaulHolmes 01-17-2015 03:59 PM

I don't think it was 3us. I don't remember though. That is a very pretty daughter board. Sorry I didn't see this message sooner.

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