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IlRasmusIl 12-21-2018 05:11 AM

Opinions on modifications
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So I got a set of racing hub caps. And painted them black, i Also made a grillblock using insulation. At the bottom left the intercooler is blocked 100% which raises intake temp by around 20c the part that is not blocked off is where the active grill shutter is (smallest production car with shutters) what do you guys Think? The car is a diesel btw.

oil pan 4 12-21-2018 06:06 AM

Diesels need cooler air.
Increasing intake temps 40c in a diesel is bad.
The minimum air temp for best fuel economy in a diesel is some where between 0c and 10c, depending on the engine.

IlRasmusIl 12-21-2018 06:49 AM

That is not true. There has been a test on the topic which proved a 4% increase in brake specific fuel consuption for raising the intake temp from 10c to 30c on a diesel engine. Why do you Think tuneko ran without intercooler on his lupo 3l tdi?

oil pan 4 12-21-2018 07:32 AM

Thats a test one diesel engine.
Test it on yours.
Was the test engine a turbo?

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