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Parts Needed/94 Civic Vx
Hello Everyone:

I have 94 Honda Civic Vx with a cylinder head that I would like to rebuild; but I can't seem to find four of the OEM parts that I need, seeming how they've been discontinued (i.e. according to Majestic Honda). The plan is to find these parts and to hand them over to the local machinist.

If in fact I can't get the OEM parts, then what are some high quality aftermarket brands that would be recommended?

-Intake & exhaust valves, as well as springs.

In the end, I want this car to be the gas sipping, no power, anemic V-tec E engine that it was meant to be.

Thank You.

austingsx 09-07-2015 08:11 AM

Has the machine shop TOLD you that you need these things or are you just looking to throw money away?

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