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DAN 02-06-2008 01:11 AM

Paul MacCready did the GM electric car
Dr.Paul MacCready did the GM electric car. it does not look slick. but he says it was had the lowest drag of any passenger car. but for the wind shield. all the GM cars had laid back windshields to look like the were low drag and fast. so they made him us a laid back, heavy, more draggier shape to look low drag. oh' it was pulled of the street testing because one or more of the electronic controls burned. they were not save for people to drive. and it was made like a indy car and cost about as much.

MetroMPG 02-06-2008 09:05 AM

DAN - what the heck are you talking about, the EV1 "does not look slick?"

Or that a laid back windshield only "looks" aerodynamic??

Without even trying hard, anyone with a basic understanding of aerodynamic shape & detail optimization can rhyme off half a dozen significant design elements in that vehicle that contribute to its remarkably slick appearance and its low coefficient of drag (compared to any other production car on the road).

You need to do some more research before posting information like this.

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