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Xist 06-23-2018 05:44 PM

Pulled over for nothing?
No, not me, neither of my cars work right now, and I have stayed away from the US40. This guy was recording a video as he drove, said "Look at that, right there there are three cops sitting side-by-side." All three of them pulled him over.

They said his radio was too loud and he replayed the part where he passed the police.

No radio.

Maybe they let him off because he showed he was recording video.

Apparently it was a slow day, slow enough for three of them to stop and chat.

Frank Lee 06-23-2018 06:23 PM

Police State. Duhmericans like it that way. "If you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about". :rolleyes:

Angel And The Wolf 06-23-2018 09:45 PM

I do nothing wrong in my bathroom, but I don't want a video camera in my toilet!

Xist 06-23-2018 10:03 PM

"Here comes another anus!"--Robin Williams

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