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01FordCrew 01-16-2021 09:34 PM

Rake Back to save MPG
Has anyone Lowered the back of a fullsize van(15 Passenger) to create a Kammback Profile? I think I could get approximately 3 with 6" drop on rear axle . This would Make the very Back of the van 8" lower. This May also improve the windshield angle. it would lower Back of the van. I would add air Dam and ground effects to clean up the airflow under the van. I also Plan on adding My 1 wheel Kamm Back trailer Behind it.

freebeard 01-16-2021 09:45 PM

A slant chop would have the effect you want.

A tail-dragger stance would IMHO add drag, unless there is a full bellypan.

The more general question would be forward, neutral or reverse rake.

There is

He is adding plan taper. I think it's more work than a slant chop. Last post in December.

01FordCrew 01-17-2021 10:43 AM

Thanks for your thoughts. I was hoping to maintain the interior dimensions But wondered if a 3 slope would help or if I should try dropping it's total height by lowering the suspension. I definately want to clean up the airflow Underneath the van.

freebeard 01-17-2021 01:26 PM

Height does not equal frontal area.

Lowered with an air dam is the quick and easy solution; a full bellypan with wheel spats would probably give a better result.

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