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nerdboy 07-15-2012 02:46 PM

Rallye International Vert de Montreal (Sept. 28-30)

Hi everyone, this is an FIA event (equivalent to the one in Monte-Carlo) that happens every September in Montreal. It's quite different from the SMCC Economy Run in that only "alternative-fueled" cars may participate, and it's far more pricey (most teams are sponsored):
RIVM Website

I've worked checkpoints twice for this event, and can vouch that it feels international-level with the accommodations, sponsors and booths. But I find that local Economy Run style events actually attract better drivers. A few years ago, a non-hybrid Civic of one of the cameramen actually got better economy than a hybrid competitor!

Anyway, if you can get sponsorship and can get by in French, it's worth checking out. I might be doing checkpoints again with the RFID system.

CigaR007 07-15-2012 04:12 PM

Interesting, but I believe that such an event would be a great place to promote efficient driving no matter which type of energy you car uses.

Hybrids are great, but so much can be done with a conventional ICE car.

Boy am I grateful that SMCC Economy Run exists ! :thumbup:

nerdboy 10-01-2012 09:22 PM

I was an "Officiel" at the Rallye Vert this past weekend and had a lot of fun running as car 99 on the Saturday and working electronic checkpoints on the Sunday. Results are available HERE. Being able to read French helps. ;)

The best (non-electric) result was 3.5L/100km in a Toyota Prius plug-in over the 500km+ course. I think Darin's Insight could have easily beat that, having scored 3.1L/100km in this year's SMCC Economy Run which has tighter timing and more twisty hilly bits.

Hope some of the local crowd got to check it out. The cars and displays were on McGill College Street in downtown Montreal throughout the weekend.

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