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Schwaebz 11-04-2009 03:04 AM

a re-introduction
i joined here a year or so ago wiht a mustang GT. since then my mustang has gotten more horspower and a higher gear ratio, not exactly eco freindly, but right foot friendly.

but on the other hand, i have picked a DD to suplment my mustang thirst. its a 1995 Ford escort estate:) not nearly as cool or flashy, but it gets from point A to b. i dont like the mstch of an unpowerful engine and an auto box, but its ok. but i do feel like it should be getting better gas MPG. i havent done a full tune up on it or naything, just some small stuff here and there. i'll post more pics and info tomorrow, but i want to make this a lean gas sucking machine, and add some style to it as well:thumbup:

RobertSmalls 11-04-2009 08:04 AM

Welcome back!

When you say you want to add style to "Loserwagon", do you mean like what Piwoslaw did to his wagon?

The biggest fuel economy improvement will be from driving style, and while a stick would have helped there, you can still add an MPGuino to monitor your fuel economy in real-time so you can tell what works and what doesn't.

Schwaebz 11-05-2009 02:28 AM

i think getting it tuned up would help me get my mpg up, i plan on sea foaming the car and swithcing it over to synthetic oil very soon.

here are some pics, she aint pretty

and what i mean by style is in aftermarket style, with a nod to eco modding. i plan on taking off the roof rack(dont use it) switch to the protege mirros(way more areodynamic, and stylish) tint the windows(the A/c is coupled to an underpowered engine, no use taking more power)

i was also thinking about lowering the car, so it's lower to the ground, and either fab up a splitter for the front bumper, or get the escort GT front, since is a not as blunt at the stock bumper. i have thought about exhuast, but i just dont like the 4 banger sound, and i doubt it wil be much improvement. intake wise i tink just having the air silencer removed is all it needs(it was making the gnine wokr hard for no reason) i also want to install a tachometer, i want to know the engine speed lol

then some appearance stuff here and there, as you can tell by this pic of my fun weekender car, i like making cars look nice and clean no matter how loser-ish they may have started as

Schwaebz 11-05-2009 02:29 AM

i also want to try and fix the gas float in the tank, its hard to tell how efficient im driving, when i dont know how much gas i even have left!

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