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PresentTeck 11-15-2015 09:57 PM

Rebuilt CRX HF engine - 3k mikes since - Teaser
Hi, long time lurker. So long in fact I've had time to turn a 91 civic (classic style) into a rebuuilt VX with an HF trans. It got me 45 mpg on my duino with no aero mods...

5 days after I put the last gasket sealant on it a motorcycle smashed into the back my car at 80+ mph while I was going 15 mph in traffic. :'( good bye dream mobile...
(he's alive btw)
So now I'm buying a crx to put the new motor in! It seems the next logical step in the evolution... I have to beat my landlords prius in mpg!

I'm eying a really nice crx hf, but the motors fresh rebuilt. And justly he wants a rebuilt price for his awesome car.
I want to buy it and sell the like new HF motor. You could even drive it first if near bay area CA.
I'm just wondering if I can sell it. Would anyone be interested in paying a fair price for it?

I just want my vx hf combo from my crinkeled car.

Sorry this is my first post, but you've all answered so many questions I never had to ask :)
I was waiting to finish to post what I had done. Now I'm starting over.

Intrest in the HF motor would help things move faster. Otherwise I'm waiting for a racer to pop a timing belt on his CRX SI

Ryland 11-15-2015 11:50 PM

Watch http://
Nothing right now, but they show up with clear titles from time to time.

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