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mhmitszach 05-06-2009 01:16 AM

Removing Parts From My Car
I'm looking for input mainly.

I'm considering pulling my A/C and swapping out power steering for manual steering.

Multiple reasons. 1. +mpg (Less belt usage, and at least 65 lbs less weight). 2. Learning experience. 3. Why not? 4. Free after selling stripped parts off.

I can't think of any cons besides getting dirty and making a mess trying to do this stuff.

As far as the argument for ruining car resale value. I only paid 1600 cash for this car with a rebuilt title.

Anyone have a link to a decent guide for A/C removal? I'm pretty sure I need to get it drained first...

Tips, suggestions, whatever is appreciated!


SVOboy 05-06-2009 01:21 AM

Yep, just take it to a shop and ask them to have the a/c drained out. Call around first, it should be cheap but they might not want it to be.

I pulled out my a/c. I complain about it but it's made me a better person.

Frank Lee 05-06-2009 01:36 AM

Swapping to 5 sp would be a better return on investment in time and such AND probably drop more than 65 lbs besides.

mhmitszach 05-06-2009 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Frank Lee (Post 102499)
Swapping to 5 sp would be a better return on investment in time and such AND probably drop more than 65 lbs besides.

Yeah, I know. That's just way more involved and expensive to do.

We'll see what my car is like when this transmission finally gives up.

McTimson 05-06-2009 12:03 PM

At the very least, you could just remove the AC belt. I haven't got around to draining and removing my AC system yet, but the belt's been off for a while. You just have to get a belt that's designed for that version of the car with no AC, or if you're lucky, the AC will have its' own belt, and you don't even need to worry about finding the right belt.

markweatherill 06-17-2009 09:12 AM

I removed the (non-functioning) A/C system from one of my cars and found it made no appreciable difference to mpg, sad to say.

mhmitszach 06-18-2009 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by zacksewer (Post 110392)
Hi there zach my man. Have you settled everything about your A/C? I am also trying to find some DIY manual or link about A/Cs.

Yeah. I got it removed. It took a lot of work to get the belt size correct. We had to replace a pulley to make it stop squealing because it just wasn't tight enough. Now my belt tensioner is a little messed up because we stripped it. But somehow my dad managed to get the belt on.

shovel 06-22-2009 06:53 PM

if you remove power steering, also look into running skinnier tires. they'll be easier to turn, and reduce rolling resistance as well.

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