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Trinost 06-12-2015 03:31 AM

Replacing back catalytic converter troubles
I purchased some great catalytic converters from Eastern Catalytic off Rockauto website. I was able to replace the front cata with no problems with their eco III catalytic converter designed direct fit (it totally is :thumbup: ).

However the back cata is giving me issues I cannot seem to get the nuts off the three specialty bolts...I am wondering if the nuts are spot wielded on like the front OEM cata is. I took a torch to warm them up and then an impact gun and couldn't get them to budge at all. I only have normal wrenches and sockets and they are not gripping the bolts at all. :mad:

Idea's on how to DYI this before breaking my bank having someone else take it off and install the one I already purchased? :confused:

side note: also need to figure out how to get a rounded bolt off the EGR valve. I tried a go2 socket but it is too bulky :eek: any thoughts since such a tight spot?

Daox 06-12-2015 09:50 AM

I PMed you about this, but I'll put it out there for others too. I have a set like this and they work very well.

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