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botsapper 02-27-2013 12:37 PM

Revolutionizing design prototyping - Fused Deposition Manufacturing 3D printing
The use of 3D printing is fundamental in shortening the time of car prototyping/construction. Stratasys 3D printers helped create Urbee 2, a practical, roadworthy car that runs solely on renewable energy. Numerous computer design studies helped establish the best packaging, aerodynamics (Cd 0.149) and structural form. The exterior design and some interior components data was sent to Stratays and the team exploited the full capabilities of the manufacturing technology. 3D printing would eliminate parts tooling, CNC machining, hand-finishing processes and cut energy/environmental wastes, without reducing strength, quality and fit. Most importantly, FDM manufacturing cut prototyping/production time. BMW and Hyundai are presently using FDM 3D printing to build parts.

3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production | Autopia |

botsapper 03-04-2013 01:43 PM


kach22i 03-19-2013 07:43 PM

The first WMG Research Video is interesting, even if it's not your first time seeing one of those hand held laser scanners.


some_other_dave 03-19-2013 09:07 PM

So it looks like a tubular steel space frame with plastic panels over it?

That's an old-time staple of race car design, and a current staple of home-brew car building. The space frame is very labor-intensive to build, and evidently difficult to automate well.


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