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stoatmax 12-07-2016 02:10 AM

RGB LCD for MPGuino
Hi all,

long-time lurker, finally pulled the trigger and got all the components to make an MPGuino.

I'm using a freeduino board with an adafruit 16x2 RGB backlight negative LCD. While in the future I'd like to modify the code so I can change the colors using the buttons, right now I'm just trying to set it up to display orange.

This only requires red and green light (in theory) so I hooked up the red cathode to Pin 10 on the board, and the green cathode to 11, as I was under the impression from the adafruit documentation that the cathodes needed to be wired to PWM pins. Is this necessary to have the LCD display in a solid color, or is it just for when making the LCD change colors intermittently?

I added the following lines to my code:
under //LCD Pins:

#define RedPin 10
#define GreenPin 11

under void setup(void):

setColor(83, 4);

at the bottom:

void setColor(int red, int green)
red = 255 - red;
green = 255 - green;
analogWrite(RedPin, red);
analogWrite(GreenPin, green);

How's my code look? I haven't hooked up to the VSS, inj, or +12V yet, currently I'm testing it through USB power. The problem I'm experiencing is the screen flashes brighter about 2 times per second. Can anybody help me troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks :-)

Edit: For clarification, my board is using an ATMega328 chip, and I believe I'm using an old version of the MPGuino software, as the main download link is down. I used an old archived MPGuino.pde file from Github that's
dated June 2009, so I assume it's v0.82. If anybody has a link to where I could grab the v0.86 .pde file, I'd really appreciate it.

t vago 02-08-2017 09:48 AM

My version of MPGuino supports the Adafruit RGB LCD module, right out of the box.

You can find it here ->

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