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Subaruwagon 11-14-2017 12:51 PM

Roadtrip App for tracking fuel and services
I have been using the roadtrip app on my iPhone for about two years it helps track my fuel usage and services/repairs does anyone else use this app or another app for tracking such things?

slowmover 11-16-2017 06:25 AM

Does it take the entries and convert them to a cents-per-mile of ownership (based on a projected lifespan and estimated miles per year)?

Details such as average annual mpg AND average annual mph?

If it does, that's a winner.

If it doesn't, a pen and a ledger still work better.


Subaruwagon 11-16-2017 10:14 AM

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It does cents per mile for fuel and for service, here are some screen shots from my car

stefanv 11-22-2017 03:10 PM

I use the My Cars app on Android, on my phone until last week, and now on the tablet I've been using and am in the process of building into my car. It doesn't do average mph (since it has no way to know the hours that I drive), but it does do average mpg (well, L/100km for me).

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