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aerohead 05-15-2010 04:30 PM

SAE: EV 'Energy Economy'
I have SAE J227a ELECTRIC VEHICLE TEST PROCEDURE SAE Recommended Practice,last revised 1977.

Four test cycles are defined for EVs,from Driving Schedule A-through D.
Under 11.2 Definition of Energy Economy-"Energy usage involves the process of charging the battery as well as the consumption of this stored energy for vehicle propulsion.Because the vehicle user pays for charging energy,vehicle energy is defined as the vehicle range in various operating mods divided by the AC energy required to return the battery to its original state-of-charge.

Driving Schedule D ( the highest speed cycle )-'Schedule D is characterized by a cruise speed of 72 km/hr ( 45 mph ) and is intended for use in testing a vehicle designed to be used over a variable route in stop and go driving typical of suburban areas ( for example,commuter car,etc. ).'

When EV manufacturers make mileage claims for 'city' driving,this may be the metric used to ascertain those figures.
If any member has more current data,that would be great.:)

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