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jcp123 08-13-2021 12:18 AM

Safari says pw compromised; freezes when trying to change pw
Was going to update fuel logs, and Safari said my password had apparently been compromised in some sort of date breach? I wanted to edit my password, and of course it requires your current password to make changes. However, upon tapping the password box, Safari freezes so Iím unable to update anything. Any suggestions? I also need to update my email as I no longer use the email I signed up with so many years ago.

freebeard 08-13-2021 04:53 PM

No response yet? :(

Have you tried one or two other browsers?

jcp123 08-14-2021 12:45 AM

I guess I could get to a computer. I don’t own one these days, it’s all on my iPhone.

I really should get an actual computer.

freebeard 08-14-2021 01:58 AM

My computer is the size of a deck of cards and cost less than $100. The Apple shorty keyboard was $25 (used) and it drives a Sony LCD TV from the mid-90s.

I liked Chromium on the Raspberry OS, but I flashed a $15 dollar microSD card with Ubuntu 21.04. It came with Firefox, but Youtube was showing ads (I'd almost forgotten what that's like) so I installed Chromium as well. It needs an ad blocker too.

I still like Brave browser best.

redneck 08-14-2021 06:50 AM


Like freebeard said.

Just install Brave web browser..

You can still use Safari when you need too.

No ads or tracking and it’s fast.

I like it. :)




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