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bennelson 05-20-2013 12:37 PM

For Sale: Electro-Metro

For Sale,
1996 Geo Metro 2-door hatchback converted to all battery electric drive.

Fully documented conversion. Long thread right here on Ecomodder, as well as "how-To" on

This is the car featured in the BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR instructional DVD set.

Variable voltage system, set to run from 72-144V.
Which components come with the car is negotiable. I'm rather partial to the motor controller, as parts of it are the VERY first Open Revolt motor controller. I'd likely swap it out for the original Curtis 72V controller.

Asking $2000.
Car is located in greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and includes tow-bar. This vehicle is already designed to be flat-towed, so as an option, only a pickup truck or something similar would be needed for transport, rather than a large trailer or tow-dolly.

Clean title. Regular insurance. Maintains original seat-belts, daytime running lights, and driver and passenger airbags.

Nice little car for zipping around town.

Please contact me through the private message system if you are interested.

Only selling because of changes in other cars available to me and the need to free up space in my driveway. I've mostly been riding my DIY Electric motorcycle and am also working on a DIY Plug-In Hybrid Pickup truck.

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