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hayden55 07-07-2020 10:56 PM

Scanguage For Home
Title is click bait but you're already here. :P

Just got around to installing my Emporia View kit. Unit has been installed since July 29 and today is Jul 7. Arguably the next 60 days will be my most important part of the year to log as it is my peak power consumption time (gas heating for space and water). I've already seen a pretty cool little benefit of the device. I've mostly noticed the same effects the scan guage had on all of us. Makes us aware of bad habits and you can visualize all consumption habits to make improvements. It basically turns into a game as we all know with the short trip meters we all use every day on here. (Are scanguages a requirement for membership on this forum?)
1. Turned off AirWave on my Nest Thermostat. Fantastic way to increase humidity in the house and waste energy.
2. The fan setting on my HVAC uses the same amount of energy as my air conditioner in auto mode! No more fan use this year. Should see big bumps in power consumption decreases around the fall and spring when I used to open the windows quite a bit with the fan on to pull in outside air for a couple hours at night.
3. The fridge is a hog. 20 year old toyota corolla of refrigerators here. The kennmore we all probably owned at one point or used in a rental house. I try to not open the fridge a million times and stare into as much anymore. Kinda miss it :( (just kidding).
4. The Dryer uses a crazy amount of power (3.1kWh/cycle)! Quit being lazy and pull your clothes out on time! Also, clean that dryer vent... I cleaned it and it now takes 1 cycle to dry clothes versus probably 2 cycles.
I honestly might put up a clothes dry line like my grandma. lol
5. Looking into passive home, net zero, and or possibly off grid for the future. The hourly and minutely will help me size the inverter and battery over the next year of data logging. Currently its looking like a ~7kWh whole home inverter would more than likely run my whole home. Safety factor being low on that but we will see as I get more data.
6. If anybody is looking to do a net metering solar backup it looks like a 2kWh Inverter with appropriately sized battery setup could almost run the home for necessities with proper scheduling.

Looking forward to possibly selling my current expensive cookie cutter house and buying a new house to renovate and implement these ideas in the next year or two.

House: 2003 1452 sqft 3 bed 2 bath house. 11 degrees due south facing front brick fascia. (very good solar candidate)

I'll tag the last week or two of spread sheets from the export on the Emporia.

hayden55 07-07-2020 11:01 PM

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