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SkauneJohan 07-01-2020 03:54 PM

the Scanian mercedes 200D 1993
greetings all from Scania, Scandinavia, Europe

my daily driver is a mercedes w124 from 1993

with a powerful :turtle: 4 cylinder 75hp NA diesel and automatic gearbox

had to do a lot of searching on the internet for the MPG figures just for you :)

anyway i had to change thermostat after i bought her and soon a spring change is on the meny, together with fixing the barakes and other standard service stuff

summer tires are now Nexen N blue HD plus 195/65 15
(instead of the wide 16 inch wheels i got with her, wich I instead use on my backup car)

plans are to change intake and exhaust manifold to a freer flowing version and next summer add water injection. Maybe later I will even tune up the engine

I am doing all of this to save money so I also use WVO(waste vegetable oil) if i can get my hands on it and SVO(new unused staight vegetable oil)

the crappy ULSD(ultra low sulfur diesel) that they sell here is very low on energy and lubricity so adding SVO makes her manage hills and accelerate a lot better.

But since ULSD is practically kerosene it is very good for thinning vegetable oil and if the vegetable oil is cheaper that the ULSD it is a win-win:thumbup:

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