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vskid3 03-18-2014 05:27 PM

vskid3's E-Bike (Sell Insight to buy E-Bike?)
I'm considering selling my Insight to buy an e-bike to use for my commute instead (will keep Prius because it makes more sense as a sole car, Insight is a little too small). I'm trying to reduce my expenses as much as possible, and getting rid of the second car (Insight) is one of the biggest and easiest things to do. Unfortunately, fuel costs are the least of my worries. Insurance and registration are the biggest expenses (besides the purchase price) and repairs, while unlikely, will likely be $500-1000 or more for major components. If I were to sell it now, I could make back almost all of what I've put into it.

Now onto the potential replacement. My commute is 4.5-5 miles, depending on which route I take. I usually do the trip 6 times a day, to and from PT, to work and home for lunch, and then back to work and home. The roads are all 25 or 35MPH. Unfortunately, most of the 25MPH roads aren't very wide (for US roads, at least) and have little shoulder. I live in El Paso, TX, so the summer highs are 100+ for several months out of the year and it can get quite windy. I currently have a mountain bike that I bought in hopes of commuting with, but the heat, wind, and not enough room for people to safely pass me has kept me from doing it much (and me being lazy...). I'm thinking an e-bike would help alleviate most of my concerns/excuses, such as being able to keep up with traffic without showing up to work drenched. Nothing fancy or super powerful, just enough to 20MPH on its own should be good enough for me to do 25 while pedalling and part throttle. From what I've read on Endless Sphere, my current aluminum-frame bike wouldn't be an ideal starting point.

Anyone have any advice to offer, whether it be in favor of keeping the car, or bike/e-bike relate?

Cobb 03-18-2014 06:31 PM

Cant advise about the bike, but go ahead and list the insight for what you want and see what happens. Ive seen used ones full of moose piss, no interior, bad ima battery, bad ISB, etc gofor 6-7 grand. :eek:

Daox 03-18-2014 06:44 PM

If you're trying to reduce the cost of living (good for you), then getting rid of a car is a great way to go.

Jyden 03-18-2014 07:34 PM

Yes - but keep the Toyota if aim is to reduce cost :)

UltArc 03-18-2014 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by Cobb (Post 415917)
Cant advise about the bike, but go ahead and list the insight for what you want and see what happens. Ive seen used ones full of moose piss, no interior, bad ima battery, bad ISB, etc gofor 6-7 grand. :eek:

I may be in the market for a new Insight, but you are probably out of my price range.

I have been seeing a significant decline in Insight values the past month or so, at least on IC. Some nice cars are very cheap, it could be smarter to part it out, especially if you are not in desperation for money.

vskid3 03-18-2014 11:32 PM

I would keep the Insight and sell the Prius if it made sense, the Insight is rare and awesome and I could get more for the Prius. But the Insight is just too small for it to be our only car. On a recent trip, we had the Prius stuffed with luggage and our dogs' kennel. It still managed to average 48.7MPG for the 2200 mile trip doing the speed limit plus a few on cruise (probably half 65MPH and half 75MPH speed limit). So it'll do as my wife's car, store trips, and road trips.

Originally Posted by UltArc (Post 415949)
I may be in the market for a new Insight, but you are probably out of my price range.

Galevin on IC sent me an offer soon after I got it, in case I ever wanted to part with it. I asked him if the offer still stands, awaiting his reply. If he doesn't want it, I'll be fine with letting it go for about the current going rate, especially if it'll stay in the "family". Its not in perfect shape, but far from being something I would consider parting out.

Any opinions on e-bikes? I'm planning on building my own, but I'm not against buying a pre-built one and using it as-is or upgrading it a bit.

order99 03-19-2014 01:14 AM

The important question-are you comfortable commuting,running errands and traveling on an E-bike? And what sorts of weather would you be comfortable doing the above in?

The good news is that you'll still have a car, and if you end up not liking the E-bike it can be elagated to an Emergency backup vehicle if the car needs repairs...overall, not too radical a change. I suppose.

Daox 03-19-2014 10:30 AM

I think DIY is the way to go with the ebike thing. I really want to build one myself, I just haven't had the time. My commute is 7 miles one way, and I think an ebike would be awesome. I'm not willing to fork over the money for some fancy OEM bike though.

Grant-53 03-24-2014 06:02 PM

The e-bike with streamlining is as efficient as it gets! This is the next big thing waiting to happen. Search 'upright bike fairings' for ideas and figure the bike is going to use something 7/8 the size of what the motorcycles are using. A motor and battery pack can be as cheap as a used GM starter and a couple deep cycle lead acid batteries. The higher end Bionix systems are brushless motors with lithium batteries. Controls may include circuits for recharging going down hill or dynamic braking. I suggest studying the state and local laws for motorized bicycles carefully. Narrow roads are a problem when there are parked cars and steady two way traffic. Research alternative bicycle routes using Google or MapQuest. This is a project well worth pursuing and a classic example for studying a value management decision. Please keep us posted.

sheepdog 44 03-24-2014 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by theaveng (Post 436945)
2006 insight blue
almost 250,000 miles
manual shift

This is useful information! Heck, i'd even be seriously interested in an 06! 250,000 miles doesn't even phase some Insight owners as long as it's well maintained. What did he offer you? You might be undervaluing it.

I'd like to see it go to someone that will use it as their primary car. The people on IC just collect them like it's going out of style. It's sad to see them be put out of circulation.

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