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sevenspeed 08-14-2010 08:35 PM

sell or trade: 89 Civic Si 168k new tires/full exhaust/headers
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Car is stock with 4-2-1 headers/resonated test pipe/resonator/straight through cross mounted large oval exhaust with 4.5" tip and silencer all stainless, only been on a week and quiet under 4k. Also just put in HID's last month for the low beams and have yet to get flashed by anyone. Brand new Falken tires for the front a couple weeks ago, others are same tires with 6k or so on them a year old, brand new tie rods in and out with alignment. Getting an AEM CAI for it. Timing belt replaced around 130k, just put new cap/rotor/plugs and short shifter with energy bushings. Brand new radiator a few weeks ago, passanger axle last year. Moonroof does not leak at all.
I'm the second owner, the interior needs cleaned and the seats have tears in the front on the sides. I've been running Mobil 1 synthetic for a year. It runs great, gets great mileage, will have to see what I get with new exhaust and 15lb wheels. It has some rust bubbling on the rear quarters, it was repaired and painted Porsche red 2 years ago, rail underneath the passanger side is rotting but I'll try and get a plate welded on that soon.
I really like the car but my dad wants me to get something newer that doesn't have any rust. Going to try and find another hatchback and don't care what motor is in it, the 105hp is enough for me for daily driving.
I hate to part with it and will miss it but he may be right and it's best used as a hobby car not a daily driver, maybe no more winter driving. Dunno what to ask $2.5k? I've probably put $1k into it this year for tires/exhaust/misc replacements. And I do my own work so no labor. The a/c was working great but a raccoon took out the condensor and discharge line, in the process of getting a new line and I could get a condensor for $75 not sure if I should fix before selling or if it's not worth it. It was leakign at the connection. Also the hood is dinged up but have a lime green one that could go with it in great shape just needs painted to match. The windshield is new.

I do have the original catalytic converter as well, just needs to be cut apart from the pipes as the flanges kinda welded themselves together with rust, still flows fine. I was thinking of just getting a high flow cat in a bit.

sevenspeed 08-21-2010 10:05 PM

Plenty of pics

Just drove 158 and filled up after new exhaust, 3.5 gallons or so don't remember exact but equalled out to 41.01mph made a huge difference. Mostly backroad driving short trips, live 6 miles from work, 12 from town.

$2k? Wouldnt mind keeping wheels and tires if you have some to swap can reflect in price, do have original Si rims that could use refinished but held air couple months ago, no tires on them though.

sevenspeed 08-25-2010 08:37 AM

$1500 you bring wheels and tires but can have stock si wheels no tires or wait till I find a new car and will swap whatever it has. Want to find a good home and not being tottaly upfront about rust.

sevenspeed 10-02-2010 09:15 PM

ew pics added to the photobucket page.Cleaned up the interior alot and painted the valve cover. Also armor alled the interior, looks much better now. Found a set of steelies with tires and wouldn't mind keeping these for winter tires so $1400 with steelies which will cost me $100, he's gonna look and see how much tread is left. Also now has a Kenwood cd player with color changing backlight.
Recently put a new thermostat and PCV valve also. No longer driving since I bought a new car. Comes with a new fuel filter that I didn't get around to putting on also.

sevenspeed 10-05-2010 07:58 PM

Forgot to mention car is wired for MPGuino with a phone jack and I think I have a close estimate of the calibration values. The Guino died on me though, no longer power up, I'm thinking I hit a pothole and something desoldered as it was working fine. I can throw that in too and if I get some extra time may try to fix it. Ordered an ultra guage for my new car today. $1350 with steelies?

sevenspeed 10-08-2010 10:00 PM

New wheels from a Toyota convertible with 2 good Goodyear tires and 2 almost new BF Goodrich 185/65/14 They appear to be steel with something else molded into them. Actually look pretty good but do have an embossed Toyota logo. I took one of the caps off to show what it would look like without them, not missing any.
Added pics to photobucket page. $1250

sevenspeed 10-16-2010 07:28 PM

Car is sold, thanks everyone.

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