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larrybuck 08-30-2011 07:09 PM

Semi Tlr mods for Travel Trailers?
I found what looks to be an inexpensive under chassis mod that might help those of you that have travel trailers.

Hopefully, there's enough ground clearance to pull it off!

It's on in the Cars and Transportation section.

Scroll down the page, it's the next to the last entry in older posts.

euromodder 08-31-2011 01:40 PM

Links are useful ;)

Inexpensive Truck Aero-Tweak Could Save 1.5 Billion Gallons of Diesel Each Year : TreeHugger

It's been mentioned here before though.

slowmover 08-31-2011 04:57 PM

The conventional square white box TT (or 5'er) tends to have a relatively high ground clearance compared to, say, an Airstream. And lack an enclosed underside. The trade-off comes for clearing ramps to and from lots to the roadway (grade change), and in trying to park in some out the way places. A nosecone and kammback would be best, overall, followed by correct hitch rigging (5% are done right), disc brakes, best brake controller, etc.

But most RV's are likely to see but 5k annually in miles. Most owners aren't as concerned as they might be.


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