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ralieco 12-30-2019 02:15 PM

SG versus Android what application for eco driving

Which application to choose for the android in the age of android instead of a computer, e.g. ScanGauge II.

The forum brings together people from all over the world where ScanGauge II is not available everywhere, it's easier to find the internet and application.

Which application to choose for the ELM 327 interface

What parameters should be selected displayed to achieve eco driving. Ole should be indications to be transparent and safe.

Personally, I use Torquw Pro with the Fuel econommy plugin to set it up correctly as it indicates.

A poll would be useful who uses what beyond SG

ptitviet 01-02-2020 06:53 AM


posting to support. For the moment, I haven't found any real nice app. I'd like to find one that gives the engine load value in order to be sure to stay on the BSFC sweet spot. With electronic throttle you can never be sure.

As I use a VW-Skoda, my next goal will be to calibrate the board computer for fuel efficiency as you can do this using a VCDS.

Best Regards

teoman 01-03-2020 02:07 PM

Torque Pro

ralieco 01-05-2020 12:32 PM

what indications does the colleague use for eco driving

livewire516 04-11-2021 08:44 AM


This is an interesting question. I use a ScanGauge, but I'm hoping to play around with tuning/data logging/instrumentation more.

My old Google Pixel 2 is just sitting in a drawer somewhere. If it could serve me in ecomodding, I'll love it.

teoman 04-11-2021 08:53 AM

I use Torque pro on android.
On iphone (daily phone) i was not able to find a good app yet. There are some but did not manage to get their OBD2 hardware in my hands yet.

I also use the spritmonitor app religiously to track fuelups. Fuelly is also very popular.

For the VW group, VCDS can enable you to do configurations and diagnostics

CVTCivic 06-19-2021 06:20 AM

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I'm also looking for "Hypermiling apps", but it seems like there isn't much available.

That's maybe because most modern cars already have pretty good mpg instrumentation.

I think Torque Pro for Android and it's Fuel Economy For Torque Pro Plugin is the best app available (their last Update was from 2016 :rolleyes: )

CVTCivic 06-22-2021 06:00 PM

OBD2 Torque Pro Fuel Economy
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I tried the Torque Pro Fuel Economy Android app today and I think it's pretty good for an app that haven't had an update since fice years.

What makes me wonder a bit is, the fuel consumption and average speed numbers were a bit off compared to what the bordcomputer of the car showed. :confused:

I thought the Torque app is just reading from the ECU, how come there are other numbers than displayed on the bordcomputer?

teoman 04-21-2022 03:11 AM

Just guessing,

But torque can be used to calculate acceleratiion and quartermile numbers.

It may also be using the accelerometer and gps of the phone.

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