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Xist 11-16-2020 10:21 PM

Should I replace my circular saw blade or buy a sharpener?
Harbor Freight sells a sharpener for $55. Occasionally there are coupons for $40, but a 20% discount is pretty good.

Good circular saw blades are expensive, and I can sharpen them multiple times, right?

My saw has a 7.25" blade with 24 teeth. Those are costly, right?

$12.88 for two with carbide blades at Home Depot?!

I can buy six for the cost of the sharpener!

Hang it all!

redpoint5 11-16-2020 11:24 PM

I wonder if it's worth the hassle to sharpen chainsaw blades or just buy new ones?

M_a_t_t 11-17-2020 12:06 AM

I'd just get the replacement blade. I don't use my circular saw very often so a new blade will last a few years.

freebeard 11-17-2020 02:11 AM


Is It Worth Sharpening Circular Saw Blades? How to Sharpen?
Cost of Sharpening Circular Saw Blades You can either sharpen the blade yourself or have a professional do it for you. Although the cost will vary depending on the quality, size, and material of the blade, you can expect to pay from 25 to 50 cents for every tooth of the blade that is sharpened.
Back when I worked construction I used a certain saw shop all the time. After I'd changed careers about 25 years later I took a few in and the guy remembered my name. I'd known he had a phonographic memory, but it still freaked me out.

Stubby79 11-17-2020 02:55 AM

Replace. As cheap as they are, it's a waste of time otherwise.

oil pan 4 11-17-2020 05:55 AM

A real chain saw chain such as a stihl yellow costs $50+ and they can be sharpened a lot of times.

For skill saw blades its not really worth it to buy a new one but I say screw china and sharpen them a few times.
I would buy new ones and save the damaged ones for demo work where they really get destroyed.
Now I use an actual demo blade that's nearly indestructible, was like $70 and now I use the good blades that are worth sharpening.

nemo 11-17-2020 07:05 AM

How often are you replacing blades? Do you really need another thing to store?

Piotrsko 11-17-2020 08:45 AM

Are these tipped with carbide inserts? Harbor fright doesn't have the equipment to sharpen those. I buy my 7 1/4" carbide combo blades for < $10 each and they work well until they hit embedded nails.

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