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Greenblazer 06-17-2008 04:18 AM

Sick Of High Gas Prices?
Hey Ya'll,

Years ago I read a book called The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. One interesting thing I learned is the following that was paste/copied from the authors myspace page:

"We hereby extend our $100,000 challenge to prove us wrong!

If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction, were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the greenhouse effect and stop deforestation; then there is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world's paper and textiles; meet all of the world's transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time... and that substance is the same one that has done it before . . . CANNABIS/HEMP/MARIJUANA!"

Jack Herer, Author of the "The Emperor Wears No Clothes"

So I am inspired to post about it, even though I expect the nay sayers to be very loud and vocal against this post, when instead the people in this country should be pissed off and raising hell squwaking in support of it.

The thing that I don't understand is why no one is talking about the fact that we do not need petroleum, we could grow all of our energy, except for one thing. The plant that could provide all of our energy is illegal. The fact that we can make anything that is currently made from petroleum oil from HEMP. By the way corn is not even close competition for hemp.

If you were to study the issue like I have you too would be convinced that Marijuana Prohibition is not because it is a dangerous drug(it's not), but it is illegal to protect the profits of the oil companies, and the pharmeceutical companies, among others. By making industrial hemp legal, which several States have done, but the feds continue to block, we could save family farms, and redistribute the wealth, and we would no longer need to fight wars in the middle east for oil.

This is the United States Of America, and according to our constitution the States have the rights to govern, and the Feds are not supposed to supercede the states rights, yet when it comes to protecting the big companies from competing with hemp the feds get away with violating the states rights, why are the so called patriots in this country so angry when people like me protest the unconstitutional actions of our federal government?

There is something fishy going on in this country, and I salute the true patriots that protest against the crimes that are being perpetrated by our federal government.

I don't care what political side of the smoke and mirror show you are on, but there is something not right, and if you knew the truth you too would be against marijuana prohibition.

Remember that red all above? It refers to the fact that all of our energy needs can be derived from industrial hemp. Yes all of our energy needs. This means we don't need nuclear power, or oil from Alaska, or the middle east.

An interesting side note is that industrial hemp would interfere with the production of quality smokable marijuana, meaning that it would not help people smoke pot if hemp were legal. Pot smokers are the excuse to keep hemp from being developed into the huge industry that could turn our crap economy around.

If you have something negative to say, and you have not read the book, or done the research that was done by the author then you do not have a valid argument in my opinion. If you can prove the author wrong he has $100,000.00 for you, so far as I know no one has even tried to prove him wrong.

If you don't like the way you are being raped at the gas pump, remember to keep this in mind when you vote, and when you write your representatives. Once they realize that the general population knows that hemp has the potential to totally change our economy for the better, then they will be in fear for their jobs, and we could see a change for the better.


Allan Greenblazer

Johnny Mullet 06-17-2008 06:52 AM

Hemp has been changing my life since High School ;)

MetroMPG 06-17-2008 08:14 AM

Industrial hemp is legal to grow in Canada. (Though regulated.)

NoCO2 06-17-2008 08:35 AM

Does anyone have a list of the states that hemp is legal to grow for industrial purposes?

I'm totally with you on this Allan. I have said for years the the hemp/marijuana prohibition is nothing more then a ploy by the US government, but never did I think it was to protect the oil companies, but that's an interesting point you bring up non-the-less. I had always thought, and I'm sure this has some merit of truth to it, that it was because back when they started this whole "war on drugs thing" many years ago, that the head of the FBI (or whatever division it was) needed another drug on the list to make it pass because, at the time, it was the most used drug in America, meaning that they would make a killing off of making it illegal and fining those who used/possessed it. Now, not to turn this into a debate about making drugs legal, but I completely agree with you on everything you just said about it not being harmful (there are scientific studies proving it that have come out in the last few years that they are just as bad, if not maybe a little better for you, then cigarettes) and the fact that the other product you can make from it, hemp, could do so much good in the country, that it's silly to think they would ban it and not some other things I can think of.

But I digress *stepping down off soap box*, it makes me wonder, though, where the hemp I buy for my necklaces and such come that the Canadian stuff you were talking about Metro?

MetroMPG 06-17-2008 08:39 AM

Maybe - I don't really know.

My support of the hemp industry is limited to a couple pair of jeans I have. Someone told me they'd last longer than regular denim, and I bought it (literally). They were made in Montreal.

jamesqf 06-17-2008 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by Greenblazer (Post 35488)
If you were to study the issue like I have you too would be convinced that Marijuana Prohibition is not because it is a dangerous drug(it's not), but it is illegal to protect the profits of the oil companies, and the pharmeceutical companies...

No, I wouldn't be convinced. The theory might be credible if it were ONLY marijuana that was illegal, but there's that whole flock of other drugs to consider. How do the oil companies profit from prohibiting cocaine, LSD, or any of the others?

Nor do I think the pie-in-the-sky projections for hemp growing are realistic. I mean, it's a plant, right? And not significantly different from other plants. It'd be a useful crop (I have a couple of hemp fiber shirts that I wear hiking, which are much more comfortable & durable than anything else I've ever tried), but hardly a panacea.

Greenblazer 06-18-2008 04:01 AM

Well James you have obviously not done the research, and have only bought into the lies and propaganda spewed by the government or some other group.

Hemp according to USDA information is capable of providing way more fuel than corn, and that is only one use. It could be used to make many industrial products simultaneously.

Some 27 states have either passed laws favoring hemp or are considering such legislation, according to the North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC).

Why would so many states be interested if hemp were not useful?
Why would the Feds continue to ban industrial hemp when it is not usable as a drug?

Banning hemp is like refusing to sell Grape Juice to an underage person because it has traces of alcohol in it.

Poppy seed bagels are legal but they have enough of a trace of opiates that a person who ate too many could have a false positive for opiates if drug tested.

Hemp has such a small amount of THC that there is no way to get high from it, so there is no logical reason to prohibit hemp, except to provide illegal protection to products that it could compete with.

Marijuana farmers would lose money if their illegal pot crops were contaminated by hemp pollen, so the BS excuse that hemp farmers would hide some pot mixed in with the hemp crop just doesn't fly. Hemp contamination downgrades marijuana.

Remember I said "If you did the research..."

There is even an organization of Police Officers that think marijuana prohibition is wrong.

The real reason marijuana is illegal in the first place was to protect certain rich business' from having to compete with hemp.

I have done the research, and in spite of my strict religeous upbringing that had me convinced that marijuana is a dangerous drug, I have discovered the truth about Hemp, and why marijuana is illegal.

In my very educated opinion on the subject, marijuana/hemp prohibition is straight up evil. God made a plant that is extremely useful, and men have the audacity to try to erradicate the plant that god made. (you can use nature in place of god if that makes you happy)

You don't have to take my word for it, the information is all over the internet. Of course if you only research the government and church sites you will not get the whole truth.

If you think this is the opinion of a hippy pot head, then you are being a blind bigot.

Are you afraid to find out that you might be wrong about something?

Are you afraid to believe that you are not really in control of the government, and that they might be lying to you to protect the rich oil companies, and pharmeceutical companies, and alcohol companies who all spend big dollars to keep hemp/marijuana illegal?

My point is, that if you did the research and found out the truth you too would be against the prohibition of hemp/marijuana. If you chose to blindy follow the lies then you might just be a sucker that fell for a really big con.


Allan Greenblazer

Twerp 06-18-2008 05:41 AM

You know, back when I smoked pot, I used to think the government was conspiring against me too. I'm just kidding, but to play devil's advocate, why would the government ban weed to help out oil companies, but not ban converting used peanut oil into biodiesel?

Honestly, I'll come right out and admit that I haven't researched this topic too thoroughly, but still, I'm skeptical. Have there been other countries that have successfully used hemp for fuel production? I'm sure the government and the oil companies can't ban it everywhere. In fact, I believe there is a South American country (I forget which one) that has switched entirely over to ethanol, but I believe they are using other plants such as sugar cane to produce it. I realize that I'm not well researched, but please refrain from using the Tom Cruise patented "You don't know the history of psychiatry (or whatever) like I do!" answer.

Greenblazer 06-18-2008 07:41 AM

It comes down to the difference per acre/time to mature, and the lack of pesticides needed. Biomass from hemp far excedes the other options. I have read of one company using hemp biodiesel for commercial bus' It has been a while, but I remember that the bus company was on the Canadian border, and they were talking about constructing a refinery to process hemp for fuel. The information is out there, and there is mass quantities of it. I have read about hemp/marijuana as a hobby for more than 7 years. Numerous articles from many different scources.

Why would oil companies who own the oil wells want to share the wealth with farmers growing hemp all over the country. It boils down to money power and control.

Money, power, and control are the reasons that hemp/marijuana are prohibited. It is the people who have the money, and therefore the power that control the laws, and by prohibiting hemp/marijuana they keep their pockets fat from profits that they would loose if they had to compete with hemp/marijuana.

Anything that is made from petroleum can be made from hemp.

Pharmeceuticle companies can not get a patent for a plant, and even though I have read numerous medical research articles that suggest that marijuana is useful in cancer treatment, including possibly curing certain cancers, they can't make money from marijuana because they can't patent it.

The prison industrial complex is bilking a huge amount of money from taxpayers housing more prisoners in this contry than anywhere in the world. Pot is the easiest drug to find in someones system, and many people who would otherwise be on the outside are put into the prison system because they got busted in a pee test. Prisoners are commonly used as slave labor to make money for prison corporations. These prisoners serve their time and get out on parole only to end up back in the joint because they smoked pot. True they were stupid for smoking pot when they were on parole, but it helps keep more than 2 million people incarcerated in the land of the free. A huge amount of people are incarerated for victimless, and non violent crimes.

The war on drugs is never going to be won with prohibition, it just doesn't work at stopping drugs, and no matter how many billions of dollars we spend the drugs are still easier to get than alcohol for most teenagers. This is because drug dealers don't card underage users like your local alcohol retailer does. The money that could be obtained by legalizing and taxing drugs is huge, and all the billions wasted fighting the war on freedom, er I mean the war on drugs, oh wait it's the same thing.

The government has done studies that prove that their DARE program is counterproductive, and that kids who are exposed to the dare program are more likely to use drugs, but they continue with the program. Why? Money.

Why would someone who makes their living fighting the war on drugs support stopping the wasteful war? Of course they will lie cheat and kill to keep their income, unless they have a conscience. There are police officers that are part of an organization called LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Why would people who make their living fighting the war on drugs form an organization like this? Probably because they have seen the truth through all the BS.

Sorry for getting so far off topic, but in my opinion the war on drugs is really the war against hemp/marijuana. The statistic show a huge amonut of marijuana being stopped when compared with all other drugs combined. It's easy to find pot, but the hard drugs are much more difficult. The drug warriors can look like they are doing a good job standing next to the semi full of pot while the CIA imports cocaine(fact) yep why would they do that? There is strong evidence that has been exposed to show that the CIA invented CRACK and started the crack epidemic. Yes this was reported in the news. I am not making it up. It was back in the eighties. Large quantities of mostly black people were turned into crackheads and put into prison to be used as slaves and an excuse to bilk the american taxpayer out of billions of dollars. All true, but people refuse to accept that they are not in control of our government, and that our government is up to some really shady activities.

I am not making it up, but it rarely ever gets reported because the media is easily controlled, and probably has a vested interest in keeping it's mouth shut, and when people like me say something, some idiot says that you shouldn't believe me because I am a stoned hippy(I'm not). I am actually closer to a redneck than a hippy, but I'm not really either.

If you did the research and read the information I have you would likely be really pissed off about the crap that is going on(I am). But then you might get lumped in with the conspiracy theory kooks and the truth gets discounted because someone says the magic words, "conspiracy theory" or "he's a stupid stoner" and that will cause the sheeple to not see the truth and follow the government lies blindly, and accept the way things are.

I am not saying these things to be a troll, I do not want to make people dislike me. I am only saying them because they are true and the truth makes me a little angry. The worst part is that most people in this country are too apathetic to do a damn thing about it. I am not. I am telling you who are sick of getting robbed at the pumps in hopes that you might actually find out for yourself and do something about it too.

The best thing we can do for this country is to vote against the politicians who have held office for way too long. Stop voting for incumbants. they are the ones who have been in office for decades just keeping the status quo. Writing them to tell them that you are going to vote against them for ignoring the truth about the failed war on drugs might help too.

Talking about it helps too because the more people who are exposed to the truth the sooner it becomes common knowledge. The more people who know the harder it is for the politicians who allow it to keep their jobs. Then they will stop allowing it and things will change.

Just say KNOW.


Allan Greenblazer

zjrog 06-18-2008 08:55 AM

Wow... Slaves? You're not likely to go to PRISON for THC in your system. Now if you are trafficking, selling and a jury convicts you, you will go to prison. But the rest is such illogical diatribe...

Dude, put down the doobie.

Seriously. I want to believe that there is something to be gained from Hemp production or anything that will help bring fuel prices down. Sadly, in my own research there isn't enough of any one single form of crop to be the end all solution. Not even hemp. Some states are using switchgrass and other grasses and harvesting them for biomass (Utah is working on this now). Brazil switched to a mostly ethanol fuel system after the fuel crisis in the 70s. Notice that they still drill for oil?

Sorry, you lost me when you started into the whole drug adn CIA conspiracy crap.

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